Find Out About Debbie

Find Out About Debbie At DW Styling From the first moment I was given a cut out paper doll book by my mum, you know the kind….. where you cut out the doll and the different items of clothing and dress the doll, yes those, well I’ve been hooked, putting different outfits together, seeing how the different prints and colours work together to create an overall look.

It’s what I do best, create for you the client, that look that gives you confidence and joy to look comfortable in your own unique style.

My mum has been a massive influence in my life with her tales of how she used to design and make her own clothing and design it, and how important it was to have the right image. How important the stiffness of the collar was on a blouse and how many panels to have in a skirt to give it maximum “twirlability”. To this day my mum still dresses in classic clothing and always without fail has a matching necklace to her top.

With over thirty years in the fashion industry, and having worked in many brands, I have a vast memory of different styles to suit all. I currently still work in the fashion industry which is ever changing and evolving, I am starting this styling business with that thought in mind. I live in Blyth Northumberland with my partner Maz and my West Highland terrier, Lottie.

I have three lovely sons who I am very proud of, three beautiful daughters-in-law and four gorgeous grand children, So life is busy and I love it!

I  also have a  very supportive family and extended family network, who are very important to me and whom I treasure .


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